Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Tenth Day

So, I just finished a ten day fast...and I must say it was very enlightening. The third day was somewhat frustrating...I wasn't sensing God's presence and I was ready to quit. But the fifth day I was shaken. God revealed to me by his Holy Spirit, that I had a spirit of rebellion in my life. I have this need to control everything and everyone. I haven't trusted God to be in control. It reminds me of this saying my mom told me I was famous for at 3 years old..."I do it myself." And, I have been. Trusting God is definately a process. And, I am just beginning to truly give Him control. I know things will go a lot smoother with Him behind the wheel. I will continue to take it moment by moment. Prayerfully, the need to control will  dissolve.